Dealers for RS Sailboats

Dealers for RS Sailboats. RS is the world’s largest small-sailboat brand. From Recreational “learn to sail” boats to high level racing sailboats.

RS sailing offers several boats from recreational “learn to sail” boat to High Performance models.  The recreational boats range from 9’ to 16’ in the dinghy range and two keel boats in the 21’ to 24’. The RS Quest which is a rotomolded modern 14 sloop. The Zest is a 12 foot sailboat that is perfect for one or two adults The Quest is a new design and is very popular for community sailing centers and adult learn to sail programs – it is an awesome boat!!.

The RS Venture is fiberglass 16 footer; it is like a modern flying Scot or O’Day daysailer, super easy to sail single-handedly and with lots for group for guest.

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