RS Feva XL

The worlds best selling two-person sailboat in recent years, an ISAF International Class, winner of Dinghy of the Year in the USA, Coup de Coeurs in France, an RYA Recognized Junior class, the list of honors goes on and on. The RS Feva is the new benchmark in small sailboats.


  • Completely self bailing
  • Safe and comfortable for two
  • Easily righted
  • Modern asymmetrical spinnaker with launching system included
  • Easy to sail
  • Exciting
  • ISAF Class
  • Wide use window- Adults to kids
  • The worlds best selling sailboat: 2005 – 2006 – 2007














3 batten mainsail


68 ft2




22 ft2




73 ft2


Lowest maintenance – greater durability

  • Comptec PE3 construction– state of the art three layer system – tough outer skin – middle foam layer for stiffness – inner skin to stabilize the structure
  • Strongest fittings attachment– brass inserts molded into the hull structure
  • Virtually maintenance free– store outdoors – no fragile gel coat – no peeling paint

Roto-molded polyethylene delivers both economy and toughness.  The Comptec three layer system sandwiches a foam core between two plastic skins for stiffness, impact resistance, and long term durability.

RS Feva S with Dacron Main Starting at $7125

RS Feva XL with Battened Mylar main starting at $7575.00

RS Feva XL Race with Batten Mylar Main and upgrades starting at $8120.00

* Ocean Freight included

Dealer Prep $220.00

freight prices vary

RS Feva – the link below is a panoramic view of the RS Feva

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