RS Tera sailboat by RS Sailing

The new fast, fun and ice-cool way into sailing – The RS Tera is modern, tough and affordable – perfect for learning, training, racing and even rowing.


For youngsters, family beach fun, entry to club racing and as a junior boat for sailing clubs, schools and holiday company fleets – the RS Tera sets the new standard.


The RS Tera is the perfect way to introduce youngsters to sailing and keep them hooked.

Best of all – the Tera is a real RS

The Tera is designed as a youth boat, but it can still be enjoyed by adults


Lowest maintenance – greater durability

  • Comptec PE3 construction– state of the art three layer system – tough outer skin – middle foam layer for stiffness – inner skin to stabilise the structure
  • Strongest fittings attachment– brass inserts moulded into the hull structure
  • Virtually maintenance free– store outdoors – no fragile gel coat – no peeling paint

Roto-molded polyethelelyne delivers both economy and toughness.  The Comptec three layer system sandwiches a foam core between two plastic skins for stiffness, impact resistance, and long term durability.


RS Tera comes complete with

  • 2-part alloy mast
  • Alloy boom with padding
  • Low drag PU moulded foil section dagger board
  • PU moulded rudder blade
  • Lifting handle with rubber grip
  • Aft hand holds
  • Rowlock sockets
  • Water bottle












72 lb


Sport Reefing sail


38 ft2


Pro fully battened sail


50 ft2