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RS Venture Keel Connect model – demo 2015 – Rs Sailboats

RS Venture  Keel Connect model 2015 – Demo Boat sailed twice

This is the self-righting keelboat version of the RS Venture, with a lifting bulb keel for exceptional security and seaworthiness. Its large, self-draining cockpit makes the RS Venture Connect perfectly suited to unforgettable family adventures afloat. And it offers training centers a secure, multi-person boat for confidence-inspiring tuition. Designed with plug & play para sailing equipment options, the RS Venture Connect can be set up for almost any disability – and changed between sessions as required. From able-bodied to sip / puff electronic control, the RS Venture Connect does it all. A game changer with sparkling performance that everyone with love.

The RS Venture Connect uses the same hull as the centerboard models and incorporates a vertical lifting keel for self-righting capability and a self-draining cockpit with large aft stowage locker. The keel lifts simply so the boat can be easily transported ashore, slipway launched and kept afloat on a mooring.


The huge cockpit means the RS Venture can seat up to eight people and wide side decks with secure inner seats give a range of options to suit uncertain beginners, families and experienced sailors.


A full range of para sailing equipment options mean the boat can be configured to suit virtually all disabilities. Options include single or twin seats, manual joystick, electronic joystick and sip/puff steering.

A modern, stable and durable GRP boat for racing clubs, community programs and families. The RS Venture is a comfortable boat for 2-8 people with lots of cutting edge features.

North America has been lacking a modern, roomy, comfortable, stable family and training boat for decades now. With cockpit space for multiple sailors and large capacity of over 1200lbs, the Venture is a wonderful addition to the RS line.

“This is a great boat that I’d definitely recommend for families. Especially with the asymmetric setup, the kids will learn everything they need to know.”
Chuck Allen, Sailing World

“Remarkable stability and a cockpit genuinely large enough to carry an instructor and six pupils make the Venture stand out. We are very impressed.”
Ben Willows, UKSA

Length 16’4″ (4.98m)

Beam 6’8″ (2.03m)

Draft 3’2″ (1.15m)

mast above water 23′ (7m)

Hull Weight (standard centerboard) 436lbs (198kg)

Sailing Weight 562 lbs (255kg)

Mainsail – Dacron or available with a Mylar – with reefing system 118.4 sq ft (11.0m²) reefs to 98 sq ft (9.1m²)

Jib – Dacron 41 sq ft (3.8m²)

Asymmetric Spinnaker 150 sq ft (14.0m²)

Conventional Spinnaker 113 sq ft Symmetric (10.5m²)

Mast – aluminum alloy

Boom – aluminum alloy With single line reefing system

Lifting rudder + stock + tiller + extension

Padded hiking straps

other optional equipment available

Link – RS Venture – 360 degree panoramic view


RS Venture Keel Connect Model demo boat includes Freight , commissioning, duties and taxes


Para sail Sailiability Kit with joystick steering and twin side by side seats and control pedestal

Asymmetrical Spinnaker package and custom made trailer

Retail price $26,352.00 – sale Price $20,917.00

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