19410 Irwin 54 Genoa


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Luff Leech Foot LP SMW Condition Cloth Wt Luff Style Foot Style Sailmaker Boat
64.0 59.0 34.7 32.0 Good- 7.5oz Dacron #6 Luff Tape UK sailmakers Irwin 54

Product Description

used sail headsail 19410. Used Sailboat Sails including Genoas, Jibs, Headsails, Storm Jibs, Drifters. For both cruising & racing. Leech and Foot lines. White UV Dacron suncover portside. Seams are glued and sewn. Seam Stick Glue stains on seam, Triple stitched and a yellow sail bag.

Additional information

Weight 100 lbs

Leech and Foot lines, White UV Dacron suncover portside, Seams are glued and sewn, Seam Stick Glue stains on seam, Triple stitched, Yellow bag

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