Used & New Sails In Stock

Used & New Sails Over 2500 used & new sails in stock. Mains, Headsails, Spinnakers, Storm jibs & Trysails. New Mains & Genoas in stock for Catalina Yachts.

Masthead Enterprises has sold over 16,000 Headsails, Main and Spinnakers over the last 30 years. We recently acquired all of Catalina Yachts surplus from their in house sail loft. We have new never used mains and Genoas that range in size from the Catalina 12.5 to the Catalina 470 and Catalina Morgan 50.  We also have plenty of used sails in a variety of conditions to fit your sailing budget.

If you are looking for a Spinnaker, headsail or mainsail, but not sure how to pick one out, then you can either contact us through email or call on the phone. Here’s a link to our Measure your boat page.

Also the Sailboat Rig dimension table can provide you with the dimensions you need.

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