When purchasing a used sail…

  • Expect to spend a fraction of the cost of a custom new sail.
  • Expect convenience, as all of our sails are in stock and will usually ship same day.
  • Expect quality to be a direct function of price.
  • Expect to compromise when looking for a used sail. You are purchasing a sail that wasn’t custom built for you. Alterations such as changes in hardware cut-downs, adding suncover or full length battens are all part of our in-house service.
Rating Categories: New * Like New * Very Good * Good * Fair * Useable


SAIL RATING Approx. Sail Life Expectany Notes
NEW 100% Never Used
LIKE NEW 100% Likely used once or never used and may have light shop dirt.
VERY GOOD 90% Looks almost new and has minimal use.
GOOD+ 75—80% A little better than good, exceeds expectations
GOOD 65—70% Strong, durable sail, lots of life left
GOOD MINUS 50% Good choice on a budget, may have signs of wear
FAIR + 40% Lower priced to reflect age and use
FAIR 30% Still useable but has a shorter life span
USEABLE 10-20% Inexpensive, not much life left but better than nothing