Get Ready to CRUISE- DVD


On board Taleisin, the boat that has been their home for 65,000 miles of voyaging- the Pardeys share way the secrets of living a pleasant life on board a small boats. John they to learn ideas for upgrading a galley, making seating and bunks more comfortable and give your boats interior more ventilation. On deck learn how sail and ground-tackle handling can be made even easier for the smllest memb ers of the crew. Advise on far ranging subjects from sun protection to rain collection, from buying and storing provisions to keeping your crew dry, warm, clean and well rested. This program will fastinate potential voyagers and armchair sailors alike.As they demonstrate interesting gear, you will find constant tips that show the seamanship that has helped this couple enjoy over 40 years of voyaging together-including a contrary-to-the-wind voyage below the great southern capes. They now hold the record for having sailed the smallest boat to do so, and using no engine, nor modern navigation equipment. They plan to keep voyaging, as long as it’s fun!

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