Hurricane Safety Light Hand Crank LED Flashlight

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This is the perfect flashlight for boating and emergency preparation – it’s waterproof, it floats, NO Batteries required.

Emergency kit ready – 6 hour waterproof LED crank light that floats. Rugged, durable and affordable solution to lighting requirements for hand held lights that require extended storage times with or without use. Hurricane Safety Light go bag ready. Will stay in go bag for 5 years. Marine Safety Light that has no parts to corrode, is water resistant and floats.

3-LED, 3 operating modes: Single LED, Triple LED, 3 LED Emergency flash. 6.5 Hour operating time single LED, 4.0 Hours 3 LED or flashing. 50,000 Hour LED Waterproof to 30’*

In weather related emergencies and power outages no one should rely on batteries. Strobe feature for rescue signaling to 10,000 feet. Waterproof to 30 feet in emergency. The Hurricane Safety Light is a key component for any Emergency Preparedness Kit. Last over 6 hours, then simply crank it back up.

* Sealed unit with waterproof O-Ring-Seal crank handle. With normal use, the set screw should be tightened every 500 hours of operational use to maintain seal between crank handle and case with phillips screw driver. No other maintenance is required to maintain seal or battery life. 5 Year shelf life with or without use. Cranking light at least once per year will extend battery life.

Note: The Hurricane Safety Light is not a diving light and is not designed for constant or repeated prolong use at depths.

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