Sail Repair Tape 2″x 6′


Sail repair tape is perfect for temporary and emergency “on-board” sail repair. This tape is 2″ wide, 6′ in length and has a paper peel-away backing. Tip: For best results – apply to a clean and dry sail; lay ripped area on a flat surface; lay the tape over the rip with paper down, cut to size and mark corners of repair area; peel one corner of the paper back and stick to a corner of repair area; flip tape back and slide tape onto sail while pulling paper back; will help if someone holds the sail flat while applying repair tape. When done, use the release paper to rub the tape creating enough friction that the tape adhesive will get hot and increase it’s bonding strength.

Also available in 3″ wide rolls and 54″ wide -sold by the yard.

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