Used Sail Mainsail 16943


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Luff Leech Foot LP SMW Condition Cloth Wt Luff Style Foot Style Sailmaker Boat
16.2 23.9 12.1 Like New 8oz Dacron 7/8" External Slides Loose Fracker sails Centurion 32

Product Description

Used Sail Mainsail 16943 - 1000s of Used and New Sails in stock. Main Headsail and spinnaker all sizes. Cruising and Racing sails available Storm Trysail. 58 sq/ft. Triple-Stitched Seams. Orange Sail Bag. To search by luff length use the Masthead Enterprises new and used sail search tool. Here’s a link.

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs

Storm Trysail. Triple-Stitched Seams. Orange Sail Bag

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