Used Sail FJ Mainsail 16945


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Luff Leech Foot LP SMW Condition Cloth Wt Luff Style Foot Style Sailmaker Boat
16.0 17.4 7.9 New 5oz Dacron Rope Rope Gleason sails FJ Flying Junior

Product Description

Used Sail Mainsail 16945 - Masthead Sailing Gear and Atlantic Sail Traders has 1000s of Used and New Sails in stock. Main Headsail and spinnaker all sizes.
Top Batten full length and two standard Leech battens. Battens are included. Cunningham and sail number USA 4418. Blue and Red roll tube bag.  
  To search by luff length use the Masthead Enterprises new and used sail search tool. Here’s a link.

Additional information

Weight 21 lbs

3 standard Leech battens and battens are included. New never used but has one minor stain and a white sail bag.

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