Used Sail Spinnaker 21119


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Luff Leech Foot LP SMW Condition Cloth Wt Luff Style Foot Style Sailmaker Boat
52.5 0 0 0 28.6 Good .75oz Nylon Symmetrical All-Radial Hood Sailmakers Nordic 40

Product Description

Used Sail Spinnaker 21119 - Masthead Enterprises has 1000's of new and used sails in stock. Spinnakers, Headsails and mainsails. Red, White and Black with Sail #41124. 1.5oz in the leech and the clew has been repaired. The Nylon feels very crispy and a little sticky. All Purpose to reaching chute. With a white sail bag.   How to fly a symmetrical spinnaker without a spinnaker pole. The patented Tacker was developed to control the tack of a spinnaker. By fastening the Tacker over the furled headsail. This will allow you to use your conventional symmetrical spinnaker like an asymmetrical spinnaker. Works best for beam reaching to broad reaching without the need of the spinnaker pole. Here’s a link.   used-sail-spinnaker-21119

Additional information

Weight 55 lbs

Red,White,Black, Sail #41124, 1.5oz in the leech, clew has been repaired sail Nylon feels very crispy and a little sticky All Purpose to reaching chute, white sail bag

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