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Luff Leech Foot LP SMW Condition Cloth Wt Luff Style Foot Style Sailmaker Boat
55.6 28.2 Good 2.2oz Nylon Symmetrical Tri-Radial Hood

Product Description

Luff : 55.6

Boat :

Cloth WT : 2.2oz Nylon

Condition : Good

Foot :

Footstyle :

Leech :

Lp :

Luffstyle : Symmetrical Tri-Radial

Sailmaker : Hood

SMW : 28.2

Additional information

Weight 65 lbs

Red, White Blue, Heavy duty spinnaker, Code S-5, good for club racing, big boat cruising or a Cruising Catamaran, some glue residue at sail numbers, #32020 White Bag

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